Ki Doll

School Mission:

Our mission is to engender lifelong enthusiasm for the pursuit of knowledge by teaching critical thinking skills, effective communication and the fundamentals of science, math, language, literature, history, technology, music, and art in a learning community that features immersion studies about the various cultures of the world and emphasizes an integrated and creative approach to living.

Educational Vision:

We envision:

  • An international focus that exposes students to the wonderful diversity of the world community beyond cultural stereotypes.
  • A balanced, well rounded curriculum that gives students the building blocks and skills necessary for expanding academic horizons.
  • An individualized learning program that fosters and supports academic excellence by supporting individual interests, confidence levels, enthusiasm and needs.
  • A culturally respectful environment that encourages students to appreciate, explore, protect and connect with the world around them.
  • Students that cultivate becoming confident, compassionate, competent, and creative innovators, community leaders, and global citizens.

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