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The New Mexico Academy of International Studies
brings you Ki (Kids International).

Ki was created for children to
have fun learning about nature.
All proceeds from the sale
of Ki will benefit the school.

Our lives are interrelated with nature. The air we breathe, the sunlight on our faces, the water that sustains life. Learning and play with Ki lets children and adults find new ways to experience caring for the earth. Ki is six toys in one.

Ki is a soft toy made to be cradled and loved as you learn.
Six toys in one, Ki teaches kids connection with all living creatures.
Hours of play for your child. Swim with the dolphins, spin the earth in the air. Let the sun shine on the trees.
Watch your children fall in love with Ki.

Sun, dolphins, trees, globe – this is Ki, short for Kids International. Ki is six toys in one, representing a new children’s ecology program designed to reinforce the idea of caring for the earth and its many interconnections. Ki is an explorer, entertainer, conduit, storyteller, educator, playmate, guide and Earth Mother.Download a bit more information here.